MusicNomad MN306 Premium Humidity Care System - Humitar & HumiReader

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A Complete Humidity Care System

MusicNomad's Guitar Humidifier & Humidity-Temperature Monitor Pak is essential. It provides you with everything you need to maintain the humidity inside your acoustic guitar. The included Humitar guitar humidifier prevents warping and cracking due to inconsistent humidity levels. This system also features a HumiReader hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels inside your instrument. We'll say it again: this humidity care system is essential. Don't let your prized guitar become a casualty of improper humidity. Get the Guitar Humidifier & Humidity-Temperature Monitor Pak from MusicNomad!

The Humitar maintains proper humidity inside your guitar

The Humitar keeps your guitar playing and sounding its best by maintaining moisture levels in the wood. Air conditioning in the summer and furnaces in the winter zap the air inside your home of moisture, leaving your guitar to dry out, warp, and even crack! Sweetwater's Sales Engineers hear sad stories of instruments lost to lack of humidity all of the time, so to prevent that to happening for you, they always recommend a humidifier when you purchase a new acoustic guitar.

Keep your eye on your humidity levels with the HumiReader

The HumiReader measures humidity and temperature to help you keep your stringed instruments in playing order. If you've done the right thing and provided a humidifier for your acoustic and electric instruments, do you know if it's doing what you need it to? The HumiReader is the final step in assuring your instruments are in the proper environment. This 3-in-1 tool gives you a digital reading of temperature and humidity levels whether you have it in a case, in the room, or even resting between the strings measuring the levels where you need it to most — right inside of a soundhole.

Why do I need to worry about my guitar's humidity level?

Changing weather conditions greatly affect the amount of humidity present. A typical acoustic guitar holds between eight and ten grams of water. If the guitar's wood dries out, it shrinks. If it gets over-hydrated, it swells. Because your strings place a lot of tension on your guitar, shrinking and swelling can cause anything from fret buzz and fret-overhang to warping or twisting of the neck and top. And if you're really unlucky, your guitar will crack or split. That's why it's important to maintain a constant humidity level with a system like the MusicNomad Guitar Humidifier & Humidity-Temperature Monitor Pak.

Here are some tips for protecting your acoustic guitar:

  • Store your guitar in its case when not in use, and place a temperature/humidity gauge inside the case.
  • Keep the humidity level between 45%-60% inside the case. A guitar humidifier will usually do the trick, but it may also be helpful to use a room humidifier or dehumidifier.
  • 70 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for guitars. Storing them away from direct sunlight or sources of heating and air conditioning will help to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Humidity control is like an extra insurance policy for the health and well-being of your guitar.

MusicNomad Guitar Humidifier & Humidity-Temperature Monitor Pak Features:

  • Long lasting and low maintenance way to protect your guitars
  • Safely releases moisture over time
  • Re-usable sponge made of anti-drip material — no worries about water damage
  • Accurate digital hygrometer securely hangs from strings
  • Case holster for secure placement inside your case
  • Place in any room and monitor levels for all of your instruments
  • Safe zone indicator reminder keeps you informed
  • Reads Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Monitors both maximum and minimum levels