Lexicon LAMBDA

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  • 4x2x2 Desktop Recording Studio with Cubase LE 5 and Pantheon Plug-In

    Lexicon’s desktop interfaces turn any PC/Mac into a 24-bit recording studio. They features studio-quality balanced microphone inputs with phantom power, TRS inserts, line level inputs, high-impedance input, headphone monitoring, and more. Lambda records 2 tracks simultaneously, while Omega records up to 4 tracks simultaneously.
  • Stereo line inputs for keyboards, drum machines or analog output of a CD/MP3 player
  • RF-filtered TRS active-balanced inputs accept either balanced or unbalanced signals
  • Two low-noise mic preamplifiers with phantom power for studio condenser mics
  • High-impedance front panel input for electric guitar or bass
  • Separate mic and line level input controls with individual peak indicators
  • Monitor mix control for balancing an audio source between live input and playback mix level while recording. Can be switched to stereo or mono.
  • 2-channel, 4-segment bargraph meter to monitor exact levels of the analog-to-digital converters
  • High-powered headphone amp offers ultra-clear fidelity while delivering ample power for any type of headphones
  • RF-filtered and TRS balanced Line outputs for monitoring through powered speakers or recording to an analog source such as a cassette deck
  • TRS inserts let you add your favorite outboard processors to either mic input channel
  • Fully opto-isolated MIDI input eliminates ground loop hum and MIDI talk-through noise. MIDI output has rock-solid sync to USB frame rate