Epifani D.I.S.T. 410 Bass Speaker Cabinet - RED

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D.I.S.T. Dual-Impedance Bass Speaker Cabinets

D.I.S.T. speaker cabinets are the ultimate in lightweight design, and powerful, transparent sound. D.I.S.T. stands for Dual Impedance Speaker Technology. A patented dual voice coil design means you can switch from 8 Ohms to 4 Ohms to get most out of your single or multi cabinet setup. Professional power, sound, and versatility for every gig.


The only cab with Dual Voice Coil Technology
D.I.S.T. bass speaker cabinets feature a revolutionary technology based on a proprietary neodymium speaker design with a complex crossover network that allows you to select the ideal impedance—8 ohms or 4 ohms—to optimize the power handling of a single cabinet or multiple cabinet system. Newly designed cast aluminum frame loudspeakers, intricately machined internal construction, and every engineering advance we’ve made in over 20 years of bass cabinet research and design. This is sound you've been waiting for.
Legendary sound
Get the sound that’s heard in the best studios and on the most famous stages in the world. Played by bass legends like Ron Carter, Oteil Burbridge, and Lincoln Goines, D.I.S.T. is the cabinet the pros trust to deliver clear, true sound in any setting.

Achieve the perfect balance
Your notes come forth smooth as silk, yet powerful as a 12-cylinder Ferrari. This is a sound that will satisfy the most discriminating bass player in any style. Soaring highs, thumping lows, and clear, even mids. Sound like this only comes from the hands of a master. Each D.I.S.T. cabinet is handcrafted at the Epifani Custom Shop in New York City. 

Speakers designed by Epifani
Not all speakers are created equal. While most cabinets are filled with whichever speakers are available at the time, Epifani cabinets include unique 10, 12, and 15 inch speakers. They’re designed by Nick Epifani and include a suspension system engineered to prevent creasing and tearing, so they sound better and last longer.

Absolute attention to detail
Every joint, every baffle, and every component is perfectly placed to create a better sounding speaker cabinet. The acoustic insulation is specially chosen to provide superior damping without adding weight. And the placement of speakers, ports, and tweeters is measured by the millimeter to ensure perfect performance.

A smarter crossover
The crossover acts like an onboard computer, deciding which frequencies are sent to the woofers and tweeters. Naturally, they’re perfectly tuned by Nick Epifani himself. Built with high quality polypropylene capacitors specially designed to precisely render sparkling, clear frequencies.

Airtight everywhere that counts
Superior construction means ensuring that components like the crossover, back panel controls, and every single joint is absolutely airtight. When air escapes from regular amps it makes noise and takes the power out of your sound. Epifani cabs are built to exacting tolerances.

Tuned by master craftsmen
Nick Epifani spent years tuning each cabinet design to perfection. From the setting of every speaker to the placement of each connector, nothing is left to chance. When done right, the ports become like additional speakers, working in concert with the other components to create a full, rich tone you can't find anywhere else.

Superior construction, inside and out
The front baffle is braced to prevent any loss of projection when the speakers push back. Additional bracing and acoustic insulation stop unwanted frequencies and standing waves that could muffle your tone. The result is a cleaner, more focused sound and faster projection than any other cabinet on the market.


Response: 40Hz – 16kHz
Sensitivity: 103dB (1W@1m)

2 x Speakon + 1/4 inch combo connectors
Internal Bracing: Structured Lite Ply
Finish: Rosso (red) or Nero (black) vinyl
High-impact corners
Steel recessed handles
18 Gauge Steel Grill

26.25 inches (h) x 23 inches (w) x 17.75 inches (d)

4 x 10 inch Epifani Woofers; 250W Dual Voice Coil
Epifani cast aluminum-frame Neodymium drivers
Tweeter Control: On-Off switch; Tweeter level control

8 Ohms or 4 Ohms; User selectable

Power Rating
1000 Watt RMS
2400 Watt Peak

58 pounds