A-Designs KBG-II Instrument Pre-Amplifier

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A-Designs Introduces the KGB Series Instrument Pre-Amplifiers!

No Need for DI/Direct Boxes or Mic Preamps, the A-Designs' KGB-I and KGB-II are instrument pre-amplifiers that give a +4dB transformer balanced line-level output. Plug in your guitar, bass or keyboard into the KGBs (Keyboard/Guitar/Bass) and they will directly drive line level inputs of DAW interfaces, effects processors, power amps and line inputs of recording or FOH consoles without the need for a microphone preamp.

General Features:
- All Metal Chassis
- Discrete Custom Designed Operational Amplifiers
- Milled Aluminum Knobs
- Phase Reverse Toggle Switches
- Cinemag Transformer Balanced Outputs
- XLR Gold Neutrik Output Connectors
- Switchcraft 1/4" Phone Input Jacks
- 1% Metal Resistors
- Blue Led Power Indicator
- 4 Rubber Feet
- External 20-24VAC Power Supply (supplied US only)
- Input Gain Select Switches
- Phase Reverse Switches
- Ground Lift Switch

KGB-II is a dual channel device with two independent instrument pre-amplifiers in one box. This gives it great flexibility in many applications like; stereo output keyboards, two different instruments at one time and stereo guitar effects pedals to name a few
and by cascading one channel into the other gives an even wider range of options.