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Kristin Bidwell

Kristin Bidwell is a New York based electric bass guitarist, sound engineer, educator, and entrepreneur. As a child, Kristin lived in the San Francisco Bay Area where she was surrounded by music. Influenced by her musical surroundings, she fell in love with the bass guitar and quickly became proficient enough to begin performing around the Bay Area at an early age.
Kristin eventually attended Berklee College of Music, graduating with honors in Music Business and Music Production & Engineering. Afterwards, she worked at Dangerous Music Studios in New York City while simultaneously pursuing a career in audiovisual design. Kristin has helped design numerous audiovisual systems for performing arts centers, houses of worship, government buildings, hospitality, and sporting arenas.
Kristin has continued to take her musicianship seriously having studied with many professional musicians. She credits Anthony Wellington, Victor Wooten, Jimmy Haslip, and Carol Kaye as her main influences. Kristin endorses Fodera Guitars, Aguilar Amplification, Reunion Blues, Moody Straps, and La Bella Strings.
Currently, Kristin resided in Brooklyn, NY and is the owner of Fluency 34, one of the newest and most progressive bass guitar stores in the United States. She is also the owner of Back to Bassics - a school that specializes in private bass guitar lessons worldwide.

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