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A-Designs KGB-ii

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Two Channels of Killer Instrument Preamplification

The KGB-II 2-channel instrument preamplifier brings A Designs' keen attention to detail and top-quality engineering to your favorite high-impedance instrument rigs. Whether you're tracking guitar and bass direct or simply want to get the best sound out of your stereo keyboard, the KGB-II is the way to go. With vastly more gain on tap than any DI box, this powerful preamp is ready to feed straight into your digital converter, power amp, or recording system. But while many high-end DIs - including A Designs' own REDDI - deliberately color your sound, the KGB-II employs bipolar electrolytic capacitors, Cinemag output transformers, and other top-shelf circuitry to keep your tone absolutely pristine. And to top it off, you get switchable input gain stages for both channels and instrument-level Thru jacks for daisy chaining.