Created for musicians, by musicians.

"Created for Musicians, by Musicians!"

"New York is known for having everything, but Fluency 34 has made the place quite a bit better."

-Victor Wooten

La Bella Limited Edition "Motown Rounds"

We are happy to introduce our next limited edition bass set. Please take a look at our “Motown Rounds”!!! Imagine the same gauges as our legendary 760M “Original” flat wounds in nickel round wound form! These sets provide considerably less tension, with a punchier sound than the flats. The gauges come in 50-70-95-110. Both 5-string & 6-String sets are available with .130 Low B & .030 High C.


Brand New Aguilar Pedal

This pedal is insane!! The Grape Phaser provides lush, analog phase shifting courtesy of a simple, two-knob layout. RATE controls the speed of the modulation while COLOR feeds a portion of the signal back through the phase shifting circuit, creating new and super funky bass sounds!

Grape phaser

New Product Alert!!!

Fluency 34 & Accusound Cable have collaborated to bring you the newest cable on the market! The BX2 SILENCER!! This cable is 100% USA made, engineered specifically for bass guitar, and automatically silences when you unplug from your bass, protecting your gear and your ears!

BX2 Silencer

Top Music Industry Brands

At Fluency 34 we stand behind top brands in the music industry that you can trust! You are welcome to play any bass in the shop, so that you can hear and feel the difference in the instruments that Fluency 34 has to offer. 

Professional Gear with Purpose!

We believe in great tone, top quality, and thoughtfully engineered designs. 

"Fluency 34 is a unique little shop. It's good to know there's a place musicians can go to and get individual attention from people who care and know what they're talking about."

- Victor Wooten

"Heaven on Earth for bass players."

- Divinity Roxx

"A space for bass in the city that never sleeps."

- Reggie Young

"I highly recommend Fluency 34! It's friendly and helpful. It makes me smile every time I click on Brooklyn. Was looking for a fresh NewLOOKShop. Now we've got it!"

- Richard Bona

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